Evernote for Android gets an overhaul

Evernote have just rolled out a substantial update to the Android version of their mobile app. The whole design has been overhauled and fits much better with the design patterns expected with Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

There’s a few small glitches that I’ve noticed, but overall the new look is a definite improvement, and, based on some quick testing this morning, I think it will result in a more fluid user-experience and faster note browsing and creation.


  1. For the life of me I cannot find options for premium offline notebooks. I’m quite certain it used to be an option in main settings, but I’ve gone through each screen there and can’t see it. This is a little unfortunate as I was meaning to set one of my notebooks up for offline use before I go abroad.
  2. The hardware menu button no longer functions at all (I think). I’ve checked it pretty much everywhere in the app and it does nothing. Obviously for devices without a dedicated menu button this isn’t an issue, but it should still get a response for those phones that do still have dedicated menu buttons.
  3. Long press actions only work on individual notes, not notebooks or tags. Feels like there should be some options on long-pressing a notebook (move, make available offline, rename).
There’s a forum post on Evernote forums if you want to report any bugs.

Quick video overview