Really broad band

I was just downloading a 160MB graphics driver update from nVidia and noticed that the download was flying down at 4.4Mbps.

I quickly hot footed it over to and lo and behold it looks like my full speed upgrade has come into effect! Check it out:

That really is super awesome. Makes me a very happy camper. If anyone ever needs anything uploaded or downloaded, let me know 😉

Officially I’m on a connection which offers speeds up to 76Mbps down, and 19Mbps up, but with this much bandwidth available, I’m not going to complain about a shortcoming of 10Mbps on my download speed. Who would have thought I’d be able to get speeds like this in the tiny town of Ballycastle in Northern Ireland. Something tells me that the Republic of Ireland really needs to get its act together to stop it being left behind.

Ireland Offline

Ireland’s average upload speed is 82nd in the world. Behind Honduras, Ghana, Laos,  Cambodia, Libya and on and on. A fairly shocking state of affairs for a country wanted to put itself forward as being tech-friendly for businesses. In download speeds it’s a little better – 51st in the world. Although that’s still behind Poland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, and Kyrgyzstan…

It even appears that broadband speeds in Ireland are getting worse.

I must say, from a broadband perspective, at the moment I’m pretty happy to be living in the UK. Heck, in some cases I was better off in Cambodia from a broadband perspective.

If you’re interested in seeing how your own country is performing, head over to for detailed speed, cost, reliability and value broadband reports.