WordPress: make writing custom post types easier

If you develop for WordPress a lot then you’re probably using the awesome Custom Post Type feature that came along in WordPress 2.9 (I think). It’s moved from strength to strength and, combined with Custom Taxonomies, it really allows for an incredible range of functionality to be applied to a WordPress site.

However, writing your register_post_type() and register_taxonomy() functions can be a bit of a drag, mainly thanks to all those labels that have to be filled in.

Fortunately there’s an awesome generator you can use which allows you to fill in a few form fields and kablamo, it spits out the code for your Custom Post Type or Taxonomy.

So shouts out to themergency.com for building this nifty little system that saves both time and errors on my part!

I’m sure I’ve posted about this on a number of social platforms, but just want to add some thanks on my blog.