A scathing assessment of OS design gone wrong

In the below video,¬†Brian Boyko delivers a very strong indictment against Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8.

I do agree that there are major problems with Windows 8. Definitely. 100%.

That said I do have to make one note about the start of this video. He describes how the “Modern” calendar application pops up constantly obscuring everything with its full screen appearance and obfuscated close method. This, he reveals, is due to a touchpad “swipe” gesture. Now, perhaps that functionality isn’t enabled in the consumer preview version that I’m testing on my laptop, or perhaps it’s specific to his touchpad driver, but I’ve never had a “Modern” application continually appear for no reason.

My own thoughts

The new half of Windows 8, the “Modern” ¬†interface, is definitely quite a disaster from a non-touch point of view. I have not used Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT on a touch enabled device so I can’t comment on that.

What I can say is that I’ve watched non-techie people using Windows 8 on my laptop and I have seen them getting very frustrated. Hell, I’m a techie, and I’ve found it frustrating to use. I believe Microsoft will almost certainly cause a lot of anger with this OS.

I would most definitely not recommend Windows 8 to family or friends.

I do plan to use it myself to fully stress test it and see if there are ways to get around all of the frustration. Whilst it has been installed on my laptop for a number of months the laptop is not my primary machine by any means. It’s purely a video watching machine. However, I do plan for it to become my main work machine in the next couple of months so we’ll see how I find it then.

To be continued.