Hello 2013

I’ve just remembered that last year I posted some resolutions, something I never did before and I appear to have somewhat lost track of as the year went on.

In that regard I think I can safely say that I am the 99%, or the 83%, or something (check the video for an explanation, and if it’s not loading then try the South Park website).

Anyway, what better time than now to recap and see how I did and re-resolve.

Photography: 2k/52/365

Well, I really did enjoy getting out and about and taking photos every day, but sadly I didn’t last so long. Sometime around March I stopped going out every day.

I think the reasons behind this were twofold. Firstly I was finding it impossible to keep up with daily processing of photos. Between the hour or so it would take to head out and walk around taking photos and then the hour at least going through those photos and processing them it was a couple of hours in the day that I found hard to keep up with as work got busy. Secondly I found it difficult to do the same set of 2 kilometre variations from my doorstep, which meant I was starting to get into the car to drive to a new spot and walk 2k from there.

Anyway, that’s all fine justification. What will I do about it this year. I think perhaps the concept of getting out once a week to take photos might be more realistic.

Other than that I definitely want to get clearing a backlog of unprocessed photos. Sadly that results in me getting out less and spending more time in front of a computer..


I actually did ok on this front. I had a large lull in posting in the middle of the year but overall it was a good improvement. I also set up a Facebook ‘page’, and a Google+ page. I haven’t set up a separate Twitter account yet but should really sort that out soon.

Anyway, pretty happy with how I did here although there probably weren’t so many ‘personal journal’ type posts.

This year I am hoping to do video reviews. Maybe one a month would be a good goal as they’re quite time intensive.


I don’t really know how I did here. Not particularly good. I was hoping to improve work-life balance and being more productive in the work time to enable more ‘life’ time. I think that still needs a lot of work. Less internet socialising…

Focus Alex, focus.


Totally failed here. I wanted to get an Ebauche release out but didn’t. Also my plan for a good live set at Rathlin festival was scuppered by the festival taking a year off!

The good news is that the ghost release is very close to being a reality. It has a title, a cover, and the tracks are pretty close to the final mixdown process. Actually one or two are fully mixed I think.

So 2013 will definitely see a release courtesy of Invisible Agent Records. Definitely. 100%. Well, 99%. Or is it 83%.


“Spend more time communicating with the people I care for. Even if it just means dropping a short email or text message every once in a while to say hello.”

Hmm, I failed quite badly on this one. I think I made a bit more of an effort in the last few months of the year but one of the problems is that if you send an email, you often get one back that needs a reply. And the never ending cycle called communication continues. This is part of that whole work-life balance thing too.

I’ll keep trying, but if you don’t hear from me, it’s just me being crap.


Last year I said I’d try to eliminate credit card debt. I’ve made very positive steps toward that. I’ve taken a fixed term loan from a very friendly bank and have already paid back about a quarter of one credit card (a card which was joyously cancelled and cut into pieces by me). The other smaller credit card is about half what it was and I’m using it a lot less.

Some progress. More to go!


I have some plans to further rework this website. I think I’ve tired of the dark theme and am considering a move to light. I’d also like to further simplify it and make it more usable in the mobile context.