The Avengers: where no scene is left digitally untouched?

ILMVisualFX were in charge of the visual effects for the recent Hollywood action movie Avengers Assemble and they’ve just released a YouTube clip demonstrating what was behind the sumptuous visual graphics of the movie.

According to The Verge, the “textures of all the buildings in the animated version of New York City were created using about 1,800 panoramas of real city buildings.”

Watching the video above makes me wonder what being an actor is like these days – staying ‘in character’ must be very difficult when you’re standing in a green screen room (or whatever they use these days), only knowing that you will eventually be ‘placed’ in a scene.

It is a shame that they didn’t have a voice-over explaining what was going on in the video though. I’d be quite intrigued to see a more detailed walk-through with some good narration.

I have seen the movie. It’s, um, bubble-gum action with occasional humour, passes the time but you’d have to work very hard to make up for Captain America 1.

  1. Captain America has his very own movie, and it’s utterly awful, painful, and makes me want to break things.