Extreme Mountain Unicycling

+Richard Azia shared the below video and well I couldn’t help but watch it. Yes, the somewhat ludicrous title lured me into watching it.

Post viewing I thought a few things.

  1. These people are utterly mental.
  2. It’s well filmed.
  3. Honestly, it looks quite stupid.
  4. You can’t freewheel on a unicycle.
  5. Why? 1

It does make me think that after seeing amazing BMX, parkour, and crazy skateboarding etc, well people are just running out of things to do by which to draw attention to their web video. I imagine the train of thought goes something like:

“These ‘extreme’ videos are awesome, and I definitely want to do one, but I don’t want to do the same thing as these other guys.. I must come up with a new ‘extreme’ genre”

So I have to ask, what’s next?

I’ve been madly thinking, what could I do that would garner attention and, by nature of it being ‘extreme’ or ‘ultimate’, preclude me from being considered for a Darwin Award.

Here’s my list of contenders:

  • Extreme Pennyfarthing Parkour
  • Intense Fursuit Free Climbing
  • Extreme Clown Shoe Downhill Mountain Sprinting
  • Ultimate Segway Tightrope Rolling
  • Mental Blindfolded Squirrel Suit Cliff Diving, with alligators
  • Ultimate Cheese Rolling (oh, wait, that’s been going on for years)

Any ‘extreme’ sports you can think of that might capture the imagination? Remember, all you have to do is think of the most ludicrous and dangerous thing possible, put the word “Ultimate” or “Extreme” in front of it, and hey presto – you’ve invented a new sport!

Who knows, it may even be considered for the olympics one day, so get your thinking hat on.

  1. Presumably this is the old nut – why anything. Because it’s there. Etc.