WordPress: Set login expiration cookie to 1 year

This morning I was asked to login, yet again, to my personal blog.

No one else has login access to this website. I only login from my personal computer. I’m pretty security conscious (laptop encrypted, randomly generated passwords for all websites, always logout if I use a public computer).

The default behaviour when logging in and checking “Remember me” is that WordPress will ask you to login again after only a few days (not sure of the exact length).

No more!


This plugin will change it so that your “Remember me” login cookie expires after one year.

Obviously use with caution – if you enable it on one of your sites, make sure to logout if you’re ever accessing your site from a public computer.

Personally I’d love to see the plugin expand a little to provide a setting option on each user’s “edit profile” screen where length of expiration could be set, but for now this will keep me happy.

I have no idea why I didn’t search for this before..