“Technology X is destroying our Y”

I was only saying this to +Warren Daly yesterday. There was an article in the Guardian complaining about how the Internet must be changing us. Easy access to porn, never having to memorise stuff because you can just search for the answer. The author even said that maybe he was having the same reaction that people had to the printing press.

I read it and thought to myself, this guy is an idiot. Yet, there will be thousands of people reading that article and tutting meaningfully over their cornflakes.

Fortunately XKCD has just come out with the perfect answer to people complaining that the Internet is destroying meaningful thought.

The Pace of Modern Life

An excerpt from The Pace of Modern Life on xkcd.com 

So if anyone bemoans the youth being stupid or Twitter destroying our ability to string together not only a meaningful sentence but a paragraph (the horror), then you can just point them to this XKCD piece and hopefully that will quickly stop their idiotic thought process in its tracks.

There’s nothing more satisfying than pointing out the historically lengthy lack of originality to someone’s thought.