Boeung Trabek Neighbourhood

After moving into our new apartment in the Boeung Trabek area about two weeks ago, yesterday we finally had some time spare to go out for a little walk around our neighbourhood.

It seemed particularly apt as yesterday was World Wide Photowalk day, so even though there was no official Phnom Penh photowalk, I thought it would be good to get out regardless. So I brought my new NEX-6 along and took some shots.

Photo of a woman cooking in Phnom Penh by Alex Leonard
A woman cooking in a small alleyway just off our street. This was my first ‘street’ shot taken with my new Sony 55-210mm lens – which I traded my old Galaxy S2 for a couple of weeks ago (bargain!).

Another shot with the new telephoto lens – this one of a flower and bee (?) in the Lyla Sports and Family Recreation Centre.

A photo of me!
Much to my discouragement Ada likes to wrangle my camera away to turn it on me every once in a while.

A photo of Adrianna by a plant she liked
It wasn’t long before I got the camera back and Ada posed for a shot by a plant she liked.

Chatting to Angry Birds
Still in the grounds of the recreation centre, Ada stopped for a quick chat with some Angry Birds.

Shacks near Boeung Trabek Lake - Photo by Alex Leonard
Around Boeung Trabek Lake, and well most of Phnom Penh, there are stark contrasts in living conditions. The majority of people live in very poor circumstances – as demonstrated by these shacks.

A teddy bear's failed escape efforts - Photo by Alex Leonard
A teddy bear’s desperate attempt to escape appears to have failed. A┬álonely pair of shoes joins our bear hanging from the barbed wire.

Chicken Run - A photo by Alex Leonard
Chickens are a common sight all around Phnom Penh, with many households having them pecking in the dust in and around the house. Some houses, like one across our street, have turkeys!

Comforting a kitten - A photo by Alex Leonard
Adrianna comforts a little kitten that was mewling as we walked past. He seemed very happy to have some attention.

Kitten doesn't want to go back - A photo by Alex Leonard
When it was time for the kitten to go┬áback where we found him, he wasn’t particularly happy about it. We ended up giving it to the owners who came out of the house for a short chat.

Discarded Shoes - A photo by Alex Leonard
A pair of discarded shoes on a street corner caught my eye. I liked the background scene with a pregnant woman looking off the frame.

Machines and doorways - A photo by Alex Leonard
Some miscellaneous machinery on a street corner in Phnom Penh. I’m not entirely sure what the machine’s purpose was, but the graffiti’d doorway and shapes and colours of the mechanical objects drew my eye.

Against the flow - A photo by Alex Leonard
These two women were driving up Monivong on the wrong side of the street. An extremely commonplace occurrence in Phnom Penh (one to which I am no stranger).

Monks on a moped - A photo by Alex Leonard
Another pretty common site in Cambodia – monks on mopeds! Their orange robes always jump out from their surroundings.

Beoung Trabek Alleway - A photo by Alex Leonard
An unusually quiet alleyway in Boeung Trabek. It is the Pchum Benh Festival, a national holiday, this weekend and much of Phnom Penh’s populace leaves to visit relatives in the provinces. As a result many of the small shops that would usually leave these alleyways bustling, are completely quiet.

Awning and shadows - A photo by Alex Leonard
Nice shadows and pattern on this, likely a shop-front, closed up for Pchum Benh.

A break in the shadows - A photo by Alex Leonard
Adrianna takes a little break in the shadows whilst waiting for me to finish taking the previous photo.

Stuck - A photo by Alex Leonard
These two dogs desperately wanted out to create a mayhem of barking as we walked past. I was quite happy to see that they were unable to squeeze through the gap at the bottom of the gate.

Cockerel - A photo by Alex Leonard
A cockerel running past us as we approached home. I didn’t really have time to properly frame this moment, so needed to crop the photo substantially in post.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our new neighbourhood in Boeung Trabek, Phnom Penh. Any comments, feedback or constructive criticism, I’d be delighted to hear in the comments below.