Failed Escape

Failed escape - a photo by Alex Leonard

Photo Description

A teddy bear’s desperate attempt to escape appears to have failed. A lonely pair of shoes joins our bear hanging from the barbed wire.

This scene was viewed across the river which is less than affectionately known as the ‘shit canal’ (it has an unpleasant aroma especially in the dry season).

As a result I got to test out my new 55-210mm lens which I must say I’m very happy with even if the aperture isn’t particularly wide – I’ve been wanting a telephoto lens for years and was lucky to swap my old Samsung Galaxy S2 for one a few weeks ago.

I’m now sporting a classic $14 Nokia phone!

Photo Data

Date Taken 05 Oct 2013, 14:35:36
Camera NEX-6
Focal Length 210mm
Aperture f/6.3
ISO 100
Shutter Speed 1/400 second