Internet Explorer: Adding insult to injury

I needed to download a virtual machine from this morning so that I could test the completely mental browser that is Internet Explorer, and I was greeted by the following image.


1,000,000 development hours saved

My ass.

How dare you insult us by claiming that you have saved development hours. That’s a total and bald-faced lie. If you had built a proper browser instead of the joke that is Internet Explorer then wouldn’t need to exist. Instead you’ve needed to build a website to help developers find and fix errors that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Internet Explorer causes continual and often inexplicable issues with website development. I’ve lost countless hours trying to fix errors that only occur in Internet Explorer.

This claim is the equivalent of giving 1,000,000 people the bubonic plague and then claiming that by giving each infected person the cure you have saved 1,000,000 lives.

Fuck you Microsoft.