Open your creative side this week

Living in Phnom Penh? Want to free some of your untapped creativity? Want to try out something new?

There’s no better place to start than my girlfriend’s upcoming evening art course at the Phnom Penh Community College 🙂

Silence by Adrianna Snochowska

Every Wednesday evening for four weeks, Adrianna will give excellent guidance on how to unlock your inner artist. She’ll be demonstrating various abstract art techniques, showing some cool ways to give your art a retro look, delving into cubism, and playing with the use of negative space to help your paintings give something new and fresh every time someone looks at them!

You can find out all the details on the Phnom Penh Community College website and if you’d like to see more of Adrianna’s work, please check out her own website at

The Other Side - Part Two by Adrianna SnochowskaWorkshop Details

  • Wednesday 23 April – Abstract Vase
  • Wednesday 30 April – Retro Clock
  • Wednesday 7 May – Cubism
  • Wednesday 21 May – Negative Space in Abstract Painting

Each workshop will run for 2 hours from 6.15-8.15pm and Adrianna will provide you with everything you need for the class including canvases, paint, and brushes.