ShootTokyo: The Book!

Dave Powell, who runs the photoblog ShootTokyo, has a Kickstarter project for his upcoming photography book.

He’s just about one of the most enthusiastic photographers I know, always offering encouragement, sharing advice, and generally infecting people with an eagerness to get out and take photos.

Certainly I found his blog post “10 things I learned from daily shooting” inspiring, and it led to me getting out and taking photos every day for a few months when I was first living in Ballycastle – something I learned a lot from.

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed seeing his photos and it gives me ideas for my own adventures in photography. Here’s a sample of the sort of thing you can expect to feast your eyes upon!

Geisha in Gion by Dave Powell

“Geisha in Gion” by Dave Powell Shoot Tokyo

The Book

Below is the video from Dave’s Kickstarter project for ShootTokyo: The Book

The prices are all very reasonable and you can pick up a printed copy for only $60. If you’re a digital-only person, you can get a copy of the eBook for $30. There are various other backing levels where you can get prints, or even a day wandering around Tokyo with Dave.

Here’s some text about the project from the Kickstarter page, where you can sense that boundless enthusiasm just brimming over.

ShootTokyo initially started as a way for me to improve my photography and has turned into a daily obsession for me. The site has achieved more success than I ever could have imagined with 1,000s of daily visitors. I love getting to share my passion with you and hopefully helping to inspire you along the way.

One of my dreams has been to create a book for people to keep in their home, office or on their coffee table to enjoy my photographs. There is an incredible amount of preparation and planning required to create a high quality photography book.

I have reached that point. I am ready. I in the final stages of selecting my images for the book but have a look at portfolio or have a look below to get a feel for what images will be in the book. I am also taking suggestions if you have your favorite that you would like to have included.

I have hired a professional book designer to help me design and bring my book to you in the same professional manner I bring you ShootTokyo. We are partnering with a printing house in Tokyo to print my book. You can check out some of their previous work with this book.

I can’t wait to hold my book in my hands to feel it and see it. If you are lover of photography, a lover of Japan or a regular reader of ShootTokyo (arigato!) please consider sponsoring this project.

Interested? Check out the Kickstarter project page – only 11 days left for backers to register their funding commitments.