This is music

This morning lounging in bed I watched a new Native Instrument promo video.

Perhaps I’m showing my age, but who the hell is this MK? I’ll happily admit that I don’t like the music he’s playing in the video at all, but that’s entirely subjective.

Let us ignore my opinion of the music  for a second: Native Instruments are presenting MK as some incredible DJ who’s showing us the ‘Future of DJing’. However, the technical skills and usage of Native Instrument’s equipment demonstrated  here is incredibly poor. It’s mostly people going wild when he puts a basic filter sweep on some (shitty) tune. If this is the future of DJing that Native Instruments propose, it’s a sad one for technically gifted Djs.

NI gear has been shown in much better light before with videos showing DJs doing incredibly complicated and technically impressive feats. So compare the above video to this one below, where someone has actually spent large quantities of time practising and honing their skills.

The video of MK makes me instantly think of the SNL sketch taking the piss out of overpaid DJs which is likely the way that most people see the work of a DJ.