Finding budget holiday rentals in Zakopane

When we were about to travel to Zakopane we spent a few hours searching the web for holiday rental places. Unfortunately the search results seemed to favour quite luxurious apartment rentals which were outside of our budget (we needed to stay somewhere for at least a week or two whilst searching for a long-term rental – so wanted to keep an eye on our costs).

I found it really hard to locate places that were on the cheaper side, eventually going for a 100 zł a night place found on airbnb.

We booked for a week, but after not finding a long-term rental after a week we went looking for another cheaper place to have as our temporary base.

In the end, the most effective method of finding somewhere was, by far, Google Maps. The key thing was to zoom in quite close to the map of Zakopane and look for buildings marked “Wynajem Pokoi” (rooms for rent), or places titled “Willa xxx”.

Look at the example below – we located somewhere called “U Heni” entirely based on the fact that it had a little ‘bed’ icon.

This place turned out to be 33 zł per person per night. It may not sound like much, but when you’re watching your budget an extra 34 zł a day covers food costs!

Using this method of panning round Google Maps we were able to locate a huge number of holiday rentals in the area we preferred, rather than browsing through endless search results in wholly different areas. Most of the listings on Maps also gave a phone number and website address. Definitely helps to have Polish fiance for ringing these places.

Just remember, zoom in until you can see the whites of their eyes. I mean, the 3D building indicators.