Yellow Billed Stork (Myceteria Ibis)

Yellow Billed Stork (Myceteria Ibis)

Photo Description

This photo was taken at Selwo Aventura safari park in Manilva, Spain back at the end of April 2015. Some of the birds on display there were absolutely stunning but this one really caught my eye, such a beautiful bird!

Obviously not quite the same as seeing them in the wild and I had hoped that the ‘safari park’ would be a bit more ‘park’ like but really it felt like a reasonably spacious zoo. Using the term “safari park” is sadly¬†a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

Photo Data

Date Taken 30 Apr 2015, 11:54:43
Camera NEX-6
Focal Length 210mm
Aperture f/6.3
ISO 3200
Shutter Speed 1/320 second