A small refresh

I was getting a little bored of my site design but really don’t have the time to sort out a full redesign at the moment. Plus when I do eventually work out a full re-design for this blog, I’m thinking of dropping WordPress as the driver, or at least potentially using WordPress for the content management but accessing the data from another source and having the front end driven by something completely different – either Angular, or Laravel.

However, as that’s going to take some time, and time is always in short supply, a tiny style tweak was quick to implement.

So I’ve changed the background colour from a yellowish off-white to a nearly white, changed the heading/body fonts, and made the body content column slightly wider on desktop browsers.

Font choices

I’ve picked the lovely Montserrat as a heading font. I saw it in use on matt.wordpress.com and instantly loved it. I sort of wish there was a light version of it as it looks a little too heavy when used in a large font, but I still think it’s a nice improvement.

For the body font I’ve gone with a serif font, Lora, and slightly increased the body font size. I think it looks pretty sharp and easy to read.

Hope you like the little changes!