Auto-Advance in Capture One

I’m currently testing out Capture One as a potential replacement to Lightroom. This is primarily driven by a few different things.

  1. Lightroom’s speed (or lack thereof) has been frustrating me a bit, with slow loading times switching between the library and development modules.
  2. I don’t think I use it enough to justify the monthly subscription for Photoshop/Lightroom

Of course changing to another piece of software means a new learning curve, and I’d be losing access to the VSCO Film filters which I’ve been enjoying immensely of late. But given Capture One for Sony is only a once-off payment of $50 or something, I think it’s worth investigating.

One of the first things I noticed was that my normal process for auto-advancing to the next photo after rating a picture was not available. This is my standard process for quickly sorting through a shoot and deciding which photos are worth keeping and which should be ignored.

However I quickly worked out an alternative which I think will do the job nicely.

  1. Select all your new photos and give them a rating of 1
  2. Now in the filter section, set it to only show photos with a rating of 1.
  3. Now select the first photo, if you want to keep it give it a rating of 2 and it will disappear and the next photo will be loaded. If you want to discard it, give it a rating of 0 (and again it will disappear because it’s no longer rated 1.

Once you’ve gone through the whole set of photos you’ll have a chunk of 0 star photos you can delete or whatever, and a chunk of 2 star photos on which you can focus your processing energies.