Dronal – New ambient/drone music

I’ve started a new musical side-project under the name “Dronal“, and I have released the first album on the Berlin-based Supple 9 record label.

Photo of the new CD, Internal Motion, by Dronal.
Dronal – Internal Motion – 6-panel Ecopack and Digital

The album is titled “Internal Motion“. It features beautiful warm and grainy field recordings, and ambient drone music. I have also launched a small one-page website for Dronal’s music.

I wrote the album between 2018 and 2019, and it features a wide array of field recordings from the Bavarian Alps, Poland and Ireland. These lush sounds are combined with acoustic studio recordings, granular synthesis, and other lush audio sources. The end result slowly morphs and pulses, expands and contracts, and wraps you in gentle drifting soundscapes

Close up of the velvet-touch ecopack CD for Dronal's "Internal Motion"
Velvet touch ecopack CD

You can buy it now on Bandcamp. It will be available on streaming services in September 2019.

I hope you take a chance to check it out, and I’d love to hear what you think of the new direction. Feel free to leave a comment below.