Saying goodbye to Adobe software

I’ve always been a little pissed off with Adobe for delivering consistently bloated software which just doesn’t feel as fast as I think it should.

I’ve decided it’s time to find alternatives.

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A small refresh

It’s been a little while since I’ve made any changes to my blog’s design, so I thought a quick, subtle visual refresh was in order. Check it out!

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The A-Team

I came across this wonderful web comic the other day which cracked me up but also got me thinking. You can see the original on Extra Fabulous Comics. First, the comic Second, the thoughts This comic really hit the mark for me. In four succinct panes, it immediately captured the notion of competition. Competition is […]

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Now you’re swinging

Ever since the demise of John Kelly’s The Mystery Train on RTE Radio 1 I haven’t found a good radio alternative for getting my fix of eclectic and unusual music from around the world. Until now!

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The stones are awake

I’m immensely chuffed to be able to say this, but for the first time I have my photographs in print! Warren Daly was recently involved in a collaborative event in Phnom Penh which combined ambient music, poetry, and beautiful visuals into a performance piece. The live performance has been reworked into a sweet EP along with a book of poems featuring 11 of my photographs.

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