The post content is in my head

So much to do, so little time. The variety of posts I’d like to write on this blog over the next while will have to remain in my head until I free up some much-needed free time.

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Ireland vs Cambodia: Setting up a net connection

My previous experience in getting net access covered two continents, today I hopefully will add a third continent to that list. Mostly I’ve had net access set up in Ireland and my net connection in Canada back in 2001 is a distant memory (the main memory being that my 2001 Canadian connection was faster than […]

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Longford contingent Phnom Penh

Last night I went out to dinner to say farewell to an Italian friend of my housemate. We sat on the edge of the Mekong and the rain poured down and sheets of lightning burst through the sky. I was surrounded by Italians and the conversation turned to the small nature of the world and […]

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