A Website Quandary

I’ve been thinking over the last while that I might need to somewhat alter the way I have things set up here. Over the past number of years I’ve been getting more and more involved in composition and sound design for film and recently had to update my CV for a potential sound-design job. As […]

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Midland Motoring

This weekend we had the pleasure of having the Midlands Motor Club ‘Stages Rally 2009’ zoom around our locality here in Longford. Here’s a photo.

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Ted, I’m hugely confused

You would think that buying things would be easy. I have money, with which I wish to part, you have a product, which you wish to sell. A match made in heaven right?


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My name up in lights

I realised that having worked on a range of films it was time to make sure I was getting credited. I’m now listed on IMDB. Next step – actually advertise it!

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