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Nokia suing Apple over patent infringement

This sounds like pretty big news to me – Nokia are claiming that Apple have infringed on their intellectual property and could be liable for a license agreement settlement for every iPhone model since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. The ten patents in suit relate to technologies fundamental to making devices which are compatible […]

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When Mac Lovers go too far

I don’t use Macs and don’t intend to use them. Horses for courses I say and you know, do whatever the hell you want.

However, please don’t go comparing Steve Jobs to some of the more influential figures not just of recent history, but also of the past half a millennia!

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One Day Only Promo!!

Warren Daly has just released his first EP on Invisible Agent, which I’m proud to say I’ve mixed and mastered. You can pick it up for a bargain price today.

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Mac OS X and the Nazi Wehrmacht

Leopard Apparently the people at Apple have coincidentally named every version of their Mac OS X after Nazi Wehrmacht tanks. Check out the following excerpt from http://ormset.no/wordpress/?p=152 Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah shares it's name with the German tank destroyer (armoured self-propelled anti-tank cannon) named Gepard, which is German for "cheetah". The next incarnation of […]

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