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Web Designers and Watch Makers

Web designers ply an interesting trade. They are not just required to possess a continually expanding knowledge set, but are also required to educate their clients on the best approach for their website. When hiring a web designer, consider the watch maker.

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The plan

What’s the glorious plan then? I have a few options for how I’m going to approach this. This becomes just a general place for posting ramblings, interesting links, etc This becomes a blog and a photoblog. This becomes just a photoblog. One way or another I’m definitely feeling quite good about working off my own […]

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Gmail Standards make people grimace

Email Standards Project logo If you've ever tried creating an email newsletter using attractive HTML then you may have encountered a few problems. A lot of the mail clients and web mail providers have their own special ways of interpreting HTML in emails and one of the worst offenders is Gmail. As a result of […]

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