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CSS Naked Day 2011

Every year this happens, and every year I forget it’s about to happen. That is until I look at my website and see that the style sheet isn’t loading.

I’m CSS naked again.

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Google with a hint of Yahoo

I don’t really understand exactly why, but for some reason this morning when I did a Google search I was greeted with the standard Google search results page, but with one small difference.

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And the headlines, there is no news.

It’s quite inconceivable in this day and age, when were surrounded by instant updates of every newsworthy item that there could be a day when there is no news to report. Here’s what it might feel like.

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Windows 7 Torrenting Party

In a nerdy way, humour is alive and well and it’s a very good thing to see the piss being well and truly ripped out of Microsoft’s “Launch Party” video, which, must truly be one of the all time worst moments in video.

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