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Chrome for Android Beta released

Google have, not unexpectedly, launched an Android version of their Chrome browser. It’s in beta at the moment and can only be installed by Android users touting the latest version of Android – version 4, or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Despite not being able to use it, it certainly looks nice. I’m looking forward to being able to use it.

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Google’s Ads (no not AdWords)

Whether Google have picked the right time to launch the Chrome OS driven notebooks into the world or not, and whether or not people are really ready and able to do all their computing via the browser, there is something in the smooth flowing nature of their adverts that appeals to me. Simple colours, clever […]

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Google with a hint of Yahoo

I don’t really understand exactly why, but for some reason this morning when I did a Google search I was greeted with the standard Google search results page, but with one small difference.

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Google Wave abandoned

Yesterday afternoon Google announced that they have ceased development of Google Wave as a standalone product. I’m greatly disappointed by this announcement.

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