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Posting from Android

Yesterday I decided to treat myself (given my recent sale of a soundcard on Ebay) to the Motorola Milestone, a recently launched phone running Google’s Android OS. I’m posting this using the even more recently launched WordPress app for Android, which appears to be a highly polished app for managing multiple WordPress blogs. Nice work […]

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Google Apps phases out support for IE6

Another death-knoll for IE6. Hopefully the lingering user base will continue to rapidly decrease for this ancient browser. The more high-profile sites that continue to drop support for this browser the better. I will feel more and more confident in placing a warning at the top of sites that is shown to IE6 users only […]

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Filter Google Results by Date

Recently enough Google has changed their default search behaviour to include a “Show Options” button which brings up a sidebar to narrow your search results by a variety of parameters such as type, time, previously visited pages and so on.

However they haven’t extended this functionality to their Google Custom Search results – read on to find out how.

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Google Calendar gets it’s own labs

Google have just added a labs feature to Google Calendar. Hopefully it will prove as handy as some of the nice little features that have been introduced to Gmail. When you sign in to Calendar today, you’ll see a new page in Settings called Labs where, just like in Gmail, we’ll list new highly experimental […]

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