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Join an ACTA protest today

Today, Saturday 11th February 2012, will see hundreds of thousands of people across Europe and the rest of the world joining a global street protest against ACTA.

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Take action against ACTA

ACTA is an ongoing multi-lateral trade agreement which threatens to change the Internet as we know it and puts fundamental freedoms at risk.

Take action to help stop ACTA being ratified by the European Parliament.

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All so you can poke someone

I recently read this entry regarding time, leap seconds and how it messes with technology on the Google Blog. It’s quite a technical post but I think you should read it all. It doesn’t really matter that it’s written by Google, it was just a handy example – it could easily be from anyone that […]

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Google Maps vs Bing Maps in Cambodia

I recently decided to check up on Bing Maps to see how the service offering differed from Google Maps and to see if there was anything compelling in it. For a user in Phnom Penh, the answer is pretty clear.

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