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A Website Quandary

I’ve been thinking over the last while that I might need to somewhat alter the way I have things set up here. Over the past number of years I’ve been getting more and more involved in composition and sound design for film and recently had to update my CV for a potential sound-design job. As […]

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I hate all this Web2.0 crap. What’s worse is that people are mentioning Web3.0 now too like it actually means something.

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Chinese Government Bans deviantART

I just read this snippet from a Deviant Art user – it appears that the Chinese government has deemed it necessary to block access to the Deviant Art website. I am able to update this journal only because at the place I work I am able to remote access a computer that is physically located […]

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When Mac Lovers go too far

I don’t use Macs and don’t intend to use them. Horses for courses I say and you know, do whatever the hell you want.

However, please don’t go comparing Steve Jobs to some of the more influential figures not just of recent history, but also of the past half a millennia!

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Picasa 3 Beta

Picasa 3 is out now, but you might find it harder to get if you’re outside the US, or possibly just those in Ireland?

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