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Acquisition Round-up

There's been a bit of a frenzy of acquisition announcements over the past few weeks. In fact it seems as though Google are buying a company every week. However it doesn't just stop at Google, and plenty of other companies are getting in on the buy-out game. Google buys GreenBorder Technologies Green Border Logo Approx […]

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Social Sexworking

Ustrafficgraph In a follow up to my previous post "The true sad reason for the internet", I've just been reading about the meteoric rise in traffic going to social networking sites and a comparative drop in visits to adult sites. The economist has just published an article about this, but it's subscription only. So are […]

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The true sad reason for the internet

I've had a project on recently that required some search engine optimisation (SEO) and as a result have subscribed to Wordtracker to help speed up the process of finding out what keywords they should be putting into their content. It's not exactly the most exciting (or exact) job, and worse still I noticed that Wordtracker […]

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