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In theory

In theory I’m moving house today. Or maybe tomorrow. In theory, today I’m also meant to finish Ramon’s website, and do a load of mixing and mastering for one Linnea Callard. I have a major flaw, I need to be better at estimating the time things take to do. I’ve always been terrible at it. […]

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What’s been going down?

Holy moly. It’s been two and a half months since I last posted here..! Let’s just say life has been a bit hectic and I just haven’t been thinking about keeping things updated on the old blog. Definitely a shame as I had found a good rhythm at the start of the year with posting […]

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Beardy Weirdy

Who wants to see an overgrown load of bushyness? Not many I imagine, but you’re getting it one way or t’other. I present my beardy gloriousness.

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