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Shelley’s Durty Thurtieth

I went down to Dublin last night for Shelley’s 30th birthday extravaganza. Lots and lots of fun and really great to catch up with loads of people I haven’t seen in a very very long time. Started out with a dinner in the Transylvanian Tavern off Henrietta Place. Strange little restaurant that looked surprised to […]

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I have a legend housemate

I just got brought homemade soup and buttered soda bread in bed, on a tray. Donn, you’re a legend. Other Spectacular Shows! What’s in a name? What’s going down What’s been going down? Time to delete my Facebook account? There is no tomorrow

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Bad Uncle

I win the Bad Uncle Award this year for failing to see my nephew on his 4th birthday.

Bad Alex.

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Guests in Leitrim

Over the past weekend we had a series of guests arrive and ended up with 7 people living in the house for a few days. Thoroughly enjoyable weekend had by all, with lots of messing about with the camera. Some strange photos to be seen here: Read and post comments | Send to a friend […]

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New Bed

New Bed! Well this weekend I decided to splash out and treat the hell out of myself. I've just bought a brand new 5ft x 6ft king-size double-bed mattress! It's a back-supporter one as well. Extremely lush. As you can see it takes up most of my room – but sure what else is a […]

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