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New Invisible Agent release

Buy Both and Feel Deceived is a new ambient, drone and electronica release from Invisible Agent Records. I’m excited to say the cover art is one of my photos!

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Trusty iAudio X5

In December 2005 I bought  a Cowon iAudio X5 digital media player. It wasn’t cheap at the time but it was solid, and came with 60GB of storage.

Last month the battery died, yesterday I replaced it. Easy to do, cheap, and gives you more life from your device.

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The Grass Snake Union Band are coming

News of the website launch, Facebook page, and first gig of Cambodia’s best bluegrass band – The Grass Snake Union Band. Yes, saying we’re the best bluegrass band when we haven’t played a gig yet may seem a bit rich, but we’re the only one, ergo we are the best!

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