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Nothing like adding insult to injury

The Irish economic situation might be completely screwed, and the most extreme austerity measures may have been brought in with the latest budget, but it seems that AIB, one of the banks that largely pulled Ireland down into this mess by needing massive bailouts, still has the gall to proceed with 40 million in bonus […]

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GScreen’s Dual-Screen Spacebook

Wow. If you know me and my steady increase in the number of screens with which I surround myself, you’ll understand my nerd-ish delight at seeing such a thing as displayed below. This is one of the first photos of an actual gScreen’s dual 15.4-inch screen Spacebook—two full screens (not just an extra 10-inch one […]

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My Naked Biffo

Picturegate, Cowengate – big fat jowly leader of our country has absolutely no sense of humour and deserves a kick in the nuts (we won’t even mention politics)

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