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Filter Google Results by Date

Recently enough Google has changed their default search behaviour to include a “Show Options” button which brings up a sidebar to narrow your search results by a variety of parameters such as type, time, previously visited pages and so on.

However they haven’t extended this functionality to their Google Custom Search results – read on to find out how.

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Mozilla Labs announce Ubiquity 0.5

Well done to Aza Raskin and co for getting the latest version of Ubiquity out the door. You need to manually update and note that some of your old commands might break. Also, you’ll need to be on Firefox 3.5 for this to work. Today Mozilla Labs is happy to announce the release a major […]

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WordPress Improve Plugins Search

Huge huzzah for any improvement on WordPress plugin search – it’s always baffled me how it can be so random at times. It was so bad that I ended up creating my own Google Custom Search, which I just use instead of the one on WordPress.org. One of the biggest problems and most frequent complaints […]

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Profilactic Offline

Not exactly a very exciting post this one, but in case you are a user of Profilactic, a social networking aggregation tool, it appears to be offline at the moment. This means that my “Elsewhere” section is currently dead in the water, as it runs off a plugin which integrates profilactic updates onto a page […]

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