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A small refresh

It’s been a little while since I’ve made any changes to my blog’s design, so I thought a quick, subtle visual refresh was in order. Check it out!

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Redesign Complete

Well it’s finally done. My website is officially launched.

It took a lot longer than planned and changed from being just a new WordPress theme to being a much more fundamental re-structuring of the whole site.

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Mental note

I’m bored of my blog design. Not sure when I’ll have the time to do anything about it though. Might change the name too – what do you think?

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Quietly all over the place

Busyness dictates that I have been quiet here for the last while. Hopefully will get some updates on life in Cambodia out soon. Here’s a minor update with a few, mainly blog related, changes.

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A new arena on this blog

Inspired by John Braine who recently pointed out his use of some Google Reader widgets to publish his shared items from his feedreader, I’ve added a new page to this blog which I have titled “Pastiche“. In essence it’s a simple page that displays a variety of links to articles and so on which I […]

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Profilactic Offline

Not exactly a very exciting post this one, but in case you are a user of Profilactic, a social networking aggregation tool, it appears to be offline at the moment. This means that my “Elsewhere” section is currently dead in the water, as it runs off a plugin which integrates profilactic updates onto a page […]

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Photo Galleries!

Part of my plan for this blog is to construct a one-stop-shop for various places that I publish things to around the web.

Today I’ve linked this blog into my Picasa Web Albums so that you can easily see photos that I’ve uploaded there.

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What about an export?

So I’m thinking about moving my personal blog to my own domain, alex.leonard.ie, for no major reason but it feels like it’s the right thing to do. I’ve had a few people mention the fact that they have to join vox to comment here, and I don’t want to think that I’m excluding anyone 😉 […]

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Time for a change

Vox-banner Well, possibly for the first time, I've actually used one of my own photos as a banner image on this blog. I think it fits in fairly well with the black theme, and I'm pretty happy with the photo as well. It's a shot of the sun going down (really?), taken yesterday standing in […]

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