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New banner

I wish I could claim credit for this, but I can't. My new banner image is "borrowed" from Deviant Art – borogove13. You can view borogove's page here: http://borogove13.deviantart.com/ After putting up one of the St. Patrick's day themes, I quite liked the Irish link going in there (for the moment at least), however I […]

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Customising Themes

Well, this is fun. Just after I blogged about not being able to customise the look of our own themes, Vox have made it possible to use our own banners along with a neutral colour scheme. For the time being I have picked a simple picture from Deviant Art (I hope the artist doesn't mind) […]

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In a darker mood

Hmm, I'm in a darker mood at the moment. Hence I've decided to change my blog design. However, there just wasn't anything that is really fitting the way I'm feeling so I've just gone with this until something better comes along. Most of the Vox designs are fairly bubbly and happy and there just doesn't […]

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