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WordPress 3 Upcoming

It’s all getting very exciting in the world of WordPress. Version 3 isn’t a million miles away and includes some fantastic changes!

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After the Deadline for Firefox

I recently wrote a review of the elegant WordPress plugin called “After the Deadline”, which is a fantastic tool designed to help you write better articles on your WordPress-based website. The great news is that this fantastic functionality is now available for writing anywhere on the web through a simple Firefox Extension. …we’re pleased to […]

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Filter Google Results by Date

Recently enough Google has changed their default search behaviour to include a “Show Options” button which brings up a sidebar to narrow your search results by a variety of parameters such as type, time, previously visited pages and so on.

However they haven’t extended this functionality to their Google Custom Search results – read on to find out how.

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WordPress 2.9 just around the corner

All you WordPress fans will be glad to hear that the frequently updated and marvellous WordPress is soon to release a new update, WordPress 2.9. I’ve had a look at the beta on a test install and there’s a few really nice features. Image Editing Yep, they’ve introduced an image editor – something that will, […]

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WordPress 2.8.1 Announced

The good people over at wordpress.org have just announced the launch of WordPress 2.8.1. It’s pretty much a roll up of bug fixes to the 2.8 branch, showing that even with a decent beta and RC testing phase, you just can’t catch all the possible issues! Great work on getting it out, and here’s to […]

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