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WordPress Improve Plugins Search

Huge huzzah for any improvement on WordPress plugin search – it’s always baffled me how it can be so random at times. It was so bad that I ended up creating my own Google Custom Search, which I just use instead of the one on WordPress.org. One of the biggest problems and most frequent complaints […]

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WordPress TV Launched

Automattic, the people behind WordPress have today launched WordPress TV, a new video site collecting tutorials, interviews, presentations and more. All of it about your favourite content publishing tool!

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Not having fun with Vox

If you’re looking for a way to export your posts from your Vox blog I offer some possible solutions. Whilst I don’t have a definite answer yet, I should be able point you in the right direction.

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Photo Galleries!

Part of my plan for this blog is to construct a one-stop-shop for various places that I publish things to around the web.

Today I’ve linked this blog into my Picasa Web Albums so that you can easily see photos that I’ve uploaded there.

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The plan

What’s the glorious plan then? I have a few options for how I’m going to approach this. This becomes just a general place for posting ramblings, interesting links, etc This becomes a blog and a photoblog. This becomes just a photoblog. One way or another I’m definitely feeling quite good about working off my own […]

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Word Press 2.5 not ready yet

Whilst it feels a little strange blogging about Word Press on one of Six Apart's blogging tools (especially given Anil Dash's reasonably nasty competitive post about Word Press), I don't feel disinclined to mention it. I love Word Press. I've been using it heavily for all manner of projects over the past few years for […]

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