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WordPress TV Launched

Automattic, the people behind WordPress have today launched WordPress TV, a new video site collecting tutorials, interviews, presentations and more. All of it about your favourite content publishing tool!

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Word Press 2.5 not ready yet

Whilst it feels a little strange blogging about Word Press on one of Six Apart's blogging tools (especially given Anil Dash's reasonably nasty competitive post about Word Press), I don't feel disinclined to mention it. I love Word Press. I've been using it heavily for all manner of projects over the past few years for […]

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Supreme Busyness

I feel like all I ever do when I come on here is post about how long it's been since I last posted. Not a good habit to be getting into. This is probably going to be a bit random so, but my girlfriend Gaia is doing one of her massage case studies as part […]

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