Google Chrome broke apt-get update

Recently Google stopped supporting the 32-bit version of its Chrome web browser on Linux. This unfortunately had the side-effect of breaking Ubuntu’s apt-get update/upgrade command. Here’s how to fix!

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Be Careful $with Laravel

Following a little surprise on a Laravel project I was developing, I figured best to write a short post about it. Make sure to be very careful when you use the $with property in your models. Whilst this can be a helpful property – it allows the model to always eager load a relationship or […]

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Thoughts on advertising in the modern age

The Verge wrote about “Teens can’t tell the difference between Google ads & search results” which reveals scary figures on lack of advertising awareness.

It made me think about how important it is for us to bring up the next generation with not only an awareness of recognising advertising and the importance of researching facts with multiple independently verified sources, but also not bringing them into the world with an already defined advertising profile against their name.

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My wishlist for Reason 9

Propellerheads recently launched Reason 8 and whilst it brings some nice new features, and I’m a huge fan of the software in general, I must admit it did feel as though it fell slightly short of the mark.

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WordPress: Adding Custom Post Types to Home and RSS Feed

Whilst rebuilding the Invisible Agent record label website, we’ve updated the handling of content types to split different types into new custom post types.

Importantly we need to make sure that these custom post types are shown in the correct places, such as the WordPress front_page, tag archives, and RSS feeds.

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