Preview of WordPress 3.2 features

With WordPress 3.2 beta available now, and it already running on, I thought it was time to upgrade this blog to the new system and give a little review of the functionality, features and design tweaks on offer. Read on for more!

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Google’s Ads (no not AdWords)

Whether Google have picked the right time to launch the Chrome OS driven notebooks into the world or not, and whether or not people are really ready and able to do all their computing via the browser, there is something in the smooth flowing nature of their adverts that appeals to me. Simple colours, clever […]

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Los Poporks kicked ass

Yep, they were totally awesome. I think that’s their best gig yet – really great stuff. Equinox was sticky hot and everyone was soaked by the end of it, but boy did we have fun. I’m quite certain the band enjoyed themselves as well – if the jumping around and beaming smiles were anything to […]

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