CSS Naked Day 2011

Every year this happens, and every year I forget it’s about to happen. That is until I look at my website and see that the style sheet isn’t loading.

I’m CSS naked again.

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Adding custom regions to Magento shipping table rate

So that was an awful lot more complicated than I expected it to be. Client requirements: Flat rate shipping (regardless of number of items/cost) but with differing price based on region. Dublin, Ireland Rest of Ireland (including Northern Ireland, which is of course politically and address wise, part of the UK) Rest of UK, Europe, […]

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Google Maps vs Bing Maps in Cambodia

I recently decided to check up on Bing Maps to see how the service offering differed from Google Maps and to see if there was anything compelling in it. For a user in Phnom Penh, the answer is pretty clear.

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Buying a HP Laptop in Cambodia

I have recently experienced a long, drawn out, and complicated situation with a new HP 8540w laptop which I purchased in Cambodia. I was unlucky to have received a unit which had errors within the first week or two of owning the unit, and having a brand new laptop along with a “Travel Next Business […]

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Google with a hint of Yahoo

I don’t really understand exactly why, but for some reason this morning when I did a Google search I was greeted with the standard Google search results page, but with one small difference.

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