Best Audio Tagger: TagScanner

If you’ve got a large library of music, it’s important to keep it well organised!

With TagScanner you can easily ensure that your music is tagged correctly and displays decent cover art. At a price of FREE, you can’t go wrong!

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WordPress 3 Upcoming

It’s all getting very exciting in the world of WordPress. Version 3 isn’t a million miles away and includes some fantastic changes!

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Obfuscate and Prosper?

Ebay confuse me. Throughout my recent creation of a listing for an as-new RME Fireface UC I was told my ebay costs would come to 37 euro. When I received payment, said amount was deducted from me by PayPal. All appeared to be well. This morning, about two weeks after that sale, I was surprised […]

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After the Deadline for Firefox

I recently wrote a review of the elegant WordPress plugin called “After the Deadline”, which is a fantastic tool designed to help you write better articles on your WordPress-based website. The great news is that this fantastic functionality is now available for writing anywhere on the web through a simple Firefox Extension. …we’re pleased to […]

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Google Apps phases out support for IE6

Another death-knoll for IE6. Hopefully the lingering user base will continue to rapidly decrease for this ancient browser. The more high-profile sites that continue to drop support for this browser the better. I will feel more and more confident in placing a warning at the top of sites that is shown to IE6 users only […]

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