Bluegrass Metallica

For the benefit of Meontwit_ter2 who was curious as to what a bluegrass version of Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” actually sounds like.

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Filter Google Results by Date

Recently enough Google has changed their default search behaviour to include a “Show Options” button which brings up a sidebar to narrow your search results by a variety of parameters such as type, time, previously visited pages and so on.

However they haven’t extended this functionality to their Google Custom Search results – read on to find out how.

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Invisible Agent – New DJ Mix / AgentCast

Warren Daly has just done up a lovely new ambient mix set for free download over on Invisible Agent – grab the download now! I forecast this will get some repeated playing on my part (being a bit of an ambient junky) – great work Warren! The latest AgentCast from Warren Daly is a smooth […]

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Windows 7 Torrenting Party

In a nerdy way, humour is alive and well and it’s a very good thing to see the piss being well and truly ripped out of Microsoft’s “Launch Party” video, which, must truly be one of the all time worst moments in video.

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