GScreen’s Dual-Screen Spacebook

Wow. If you know me and my steady increase in the number of screens with which I surround myself, you’ll understand my nerd-ish delight at seeing such a thing as displayed below. This is one of the first photos of an actual gScreen’s dual 15.4-inch screen Spacebook—two full screens (not just an extra 10-inch one […]

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Fix YouTube Jumpiness in Firefox – Lifehacker

Many users, myself included, visit YouTube on an almost daily basis. Ever since Firefox version 2.0 implemented the session restore function, when you are watching a video on YouTube (perhaps on other video sites as well, I haven’t really tested that), you may notice a tiny freeze-up of the video every 10 seconds or so. […]

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A new arena on this blog

Inspired by John Braine who recently pointed out his use of some Google Reader widgets to publish his shared items from his feedreader, I’ve added a new page to this blog which I have titled “Pastiche“. In essence it’s a simple page that displays a variety of links to articles and so on which I […]

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