PHPSpec – Defining custom inline matchers

At first I didn’t get PHPSpec’s “inline matchers” but have since discovered how to use them for matching custom conditions in your tests.

It’s amazing how far a few simple examples will take you, and thanks to kind-hearted folk on the net, I’ve had my eyes opened and hopefully can provide some useful examples for other people.

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Getting PHPSpec to work with Laravel

I’ve recently started using PHPSpec to drive my testing efforts in a new Laravel project. The behaviour-driven approach makes a lot of sense to me but I am finding it a little difficult to master.

This post provides a fix if you find PHPSpec throwing Class not found errors after running your test suite on the command line.

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Batch Optimising Images on a Linux server

Here’s a quick guide to batch optimising your website’s images to decrease page load time for your website visitors. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

I’ll be looking at two useful Linux command line tools – jpegoptim and optipng – and showing you how to use them and how to batch process all images in a folder (and sub-folders).

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