Redesign Complete

Well it’s finally done. My website is officially launched.

It took a lot longer than planned and changed from being just a new WordPress theme to being a much more fundamental re-structuring of the whole site.

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Rocking 3.3

I’ve been on the 3.3 alpha for a while but just updated to 3.3 beta 4 and it’s looking like a very nice update all round. Happy to see that there’s just one ‘upload’ button and that the entire jQuery stack is included. Release announcement here:¬† Other Spectacular Shows! admin area refreshed WordPress: Set […]

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Simple WordPress function for live site changes

Often a client wants us to change things on a live site, and whilst sometimes those changes are fairly minor, there are times where you’re making fairly substantial changes to a part of the site. I’m not talking about such huge changes that justify running a theme switcher or making a local copy of the […]

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