QotD: My Daily Dose

What websites do you visit every day?
Submitted by Chez Michelle.

  • Google Reader
    Probably my first and last port of call every day (and at times in between)
  • Vox
  • Lifehacker
    as a result of their constantly informative feed
  • Harvest
    This a fairly new addition to my daily list, it's a time tracking service that I'm trying out for work
  • Gubb
    This is my to-do list of choice. It's got everything I need.
  • Google Calendar
    In conjunction with Harvest and Gubb, this is pretty much how I track and plan everything for work, and just about everything. I wouldn't remember half the stuff I need to do otherwise.

On top of the above I keep in touch with a few private forums with friends of mine. I have a single saved session for firefox that I generally work from, which has two windows, one for work, one for well, procrastinating and avoiding work. Thanks to workspaces I can keep the procrastination on another workspace so there's less chance of it distracting me.

I'm incredibly glad I didn't install an extension to notify me of new feeds, I'd constantly be distracted.

I think I might need to get out more. Summer's coming, possibly I can emerge from my hibernation. Festival time is upon us!

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